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Publishing details, budget, & timeline

“This is an important book about the deadly grip of sin, the gift and process of repentance, and the overwhelming, unending love of God.”

Vaneetha Rendall Risner

– Author, Walking Through Fire (Thomas Nelson)


To produce and market a book of indistinguishable quality to that produced by traditional publishing


To make The Bellowing of Cain available as widely and inexpensively as possible

Production Team

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Publisher’s Proposal/Query

If you’re a publisher or literary agent looking to give The Bellowing of Cain a shot in the traditional publishing world, here is our book proposal-query.

Bellowing of Cain Proposal| PDF

Project Budget

  • Editorial & Design – $15,000
  • Preliminary Market Research – $5,000
  • Printing ARCs (Advanced Reader Copies) – $3,000
  • Silent Promotion* – $5,000
  • Final Printing – $10,000 (5,000 units)
  • Launch Promotion* – $10,000
  • Silent Promotion* – $5,000
  • Six-Month Promotion* – $15,000
  • Contingencies – $5,000
* Exact nature of expenditures to be determined by marketing team, but involve key magazine ads, mail/email campaigns, distribution of ARCs, conference attendance, and speaking engagements.

Project Timeline

  • May 2021 – Begin Manuscript Editing & Revision
  • June 2021 – Begin Public Funding Campaign
  • August 2021– Preliminary Market Research and Analysis (“Deep Dive”)
  • October 2021 – Completion of Manuscript Editing & Revision
  • January 2022 – Completion of Cover and Internal Design, Copy and Line Editing
  • March 2022 – Printing and Distribution of ARCs (Advanced Reader copies, used to elicit endorsements and reviews)
  • August 2022 – Silent Promotion Phase (Finalizing Endorsements & Organizational Relationships)
  • November 2022 – Final Printing & Public Promotion Phase
  • January 2023 – Launch to Market

A Self-Sustaining Effort

  • Up to 1000 units would be used to promote the book to churches, colleges/seminaries, appropriate parachurch organizations, and media.
  • Sale of remaining 4000 units at $15.00 (royalty of $8/unit) would produce $32,000.
  • These (and any additional) funds would be used to produce a second printing, generate group study materials and possibly an additional revised edition aimed at a more general audience.

Any help is deeply appreciated.

What are we to do with Cain? Can he be brought back into the human fold, or does he bellow in vain? Deep down we need to believe the sinner can be recovered because we either remember being in Cain’s shoes or know we are only one decision away from it. If, in the end, redemption does not exist for the worst of us, it exists for no one.

— Jeremy Gordon Grinnell


We need help bringing this completed manuscript to market in 2022.

If you care about restorative justice, about second chances, about seeing broken people become productive members of society again, then help us.

Want to help?

Gifts of any size are appreciated.